Ferrari vs. Lamborghini: Which one is for you?

If you’re looking for the ultimate sports car to fuel your love for speed and race, nothing can match up to the legendary Italian car manufacturers Ferrari & Lamborghini. However, you might wonder which one of the 2 is best for you? Rent Car Dubai might have an answer to your question! But first, let’s review some background information about each fearless driving machine.


1. Grand Tourer & Sports Car
2. 460 – 963 Horsepower
3. Costs $230, 000 and up
4. Parent: Fiat S.p.A.
5. Founded in 1929
6. Founded by Enzo Ferrari
7. 7-speed dual clutch automated manual transmission


1. Sports Car
2. 550 – 700 Horsepower
3. Costs $181,900 and up
4. Parent: Volkswagen Group
5. Founded on October 30, 1963
6. Founded by Ferruccio Lamborghini
7. 7-speed ISR Semi-automatic transmission, 5 speed manual
Not much difference, both are uncompromisingly supercars!
Specs set aside, how about we figure out what style are you looking for? How do you want to be perceived?

While both marques are exotic, Ferrari owners are perceived as more sophisticated, whereas Lamborghini owners are initially thought of as rebellious. Furthermore, Ferrari describes you as carefree, youthful, mindless and loud.

Both car owners have nothing to prove. Their cars speak fast by themselves. Some stereotypes suggest that Lamborghinis are more for pop stars, football players and rappers kind of style while Ferraris are for gentlemen sports car aficionados.
Rent Car Dubai’s verdict: Why not both?

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