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If it is possible to describe the Mercedes G63 in one word, it would be legendary. It’s a legend in its look, power, speed, the reputation it is ascribed to and now there’s its Alien Green color!

The Mercedes G63 Alien Green is the new crazy color edition from a premium cars brand with the most luxurious model offering. Mercedes G63 vehicles are known worldwide for their extremely high standard of luxury that is found in each and every model they sell. The Mercedes G63 or more commonly, the G-Wagon, is no exception for this rule. G-Wagon is the short name for the German word “Geländewagen”, which means cross country vehicle. Yes, the Mercedes G63 can definitely cross countries!

With its popular approval, its one of a kind style, its safety first rule and its cross country capability, you can surely rely on the Mercedes G63 Alien Green as an option for a luxurious car rental.

Call rent car Dubai, UAE and book your Mercedes G63- Alien Green that will surely get you noticed.