Car Rental Policy

Terms and Conditions
Luxury Plus Cars (“Luxury Plus Cars”, “us”, “our” and “we”) justifies that you (“participant, “driver”, “you” and “your”) are legally bound by the following agreement when renting our cars.

Condition of the Car
The car will be delivered to luxury plus cars in excellent overall condition and without defects or damages and/or in the same condition as participant has received it.
Any defects of the car noticed at the point of delivery, will be noted and documented.
The car is to be returned to us in the same condition as the participant has received it, at the specified location and time as agreed upon.
We hold the right to salvage the car without prior notice and at any time at the expense of the participant provided that the car is used in violation of this agreement.

Terms of Use of the Car
The participant guarantees that:
The appropriate measures have been taken to asses the car’s condition periodically by checking of the oil, water, fire and tire pressures and we pledge to inform the participant of any mechanical, tire or electrical problems. The participant must report to us any notification or warning of any type of maintenance that appears in the car. The participant shall bear any damages as a result of driver negligence including an administration fee for failing to report a fault and for proceeding to drive the vehicle.
The driver is authorized – The driver of the vehicle must have held a valid driving licence for more than one year and is 25 years of age or above. The vehicle shall only be driven by the participants whose names and International Driving Licences are mentioned in the rental agreement. As For Non-GCC International Driving Licence Holders, approval to rent a car is required under the law of the UAE Government.
The participant should not under any circumstance use the vehicle for off road driving, motor sports, rallying, towing or any additional activities that may cause damage to the vehicle. The participant is responsible for any and all damages that may occur to the vehicle in addition to an administration fee.
The vehicle shall not be used for transportation of any illicit and/or illegal substances (such as alcohol, drugs etc.).The vehicle should not be used for the transport of any merchandise or for the transport of passengers for hire purposes or any other illegal act. Upon occurrence of fines or confiscation of the vehicle the participant is responsible for payment and for all damages that occur as a result. Payments may include but are not limited to full value of the vehicle, fines, claims of passengers, third party claims and loss of income or loss of rental.
No insurance coverage by us is applicable if,
– The participant/driver during the period of the rental sublets the vehicle without the written consent from Luxury Plus Cars.
– The participant/driver is driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, which have resulted in a car accident.
– The vehicle is driven by an unauthorized participant whose name has not been mentioned in the rental agreement. Refer to clause (i).
In such cases the participant mentioned in the rental agreement is liable to pay for all damages to the vehicle, third party expenses, passengers in the vehicle and the full rental value for the total number of days the vehicle is under repair in the workshop in addition to any fines that might have been accrued as a result. The participant is constrained to render an administration fee for all costs incurred.
The participant must abide by all the traffic laws and regulations and will be liable to pay penalties caused by traffic offences and infringements in addition to an administration fee.
The participant is strictly prohibited from taking the rental vehicle across the borders or outside of the UAE.
Should the participant request the vehicle to be taken across the borders of the UAE, permission will be granted in writing, one week prior to the required date. We will confirm or decline in writing and reserve the full right to do so.
Upon agreement by both parties, the participant may be required to pay an additional cost to us such as but not limited to special insurance to cover for the rental period beyond the UAE border.

Fines and Penalties
The participant shall pay and reimburse us with the sum of:
Any charges for refuelling, salik, collision damage waiver, personal accident insurance, supplementary insurance, vehicle drop-off end collection fees, additional driver fees and / or any other standard or miscellaneous charges, applicable at the rates shown in this agreement or in the current tariff which the participant confirms having reviewed and made and agreement to it.
Time and mileage charges are placed according to the rates and upon the terms stated in this agreement or in the current tariff at the commencement of the rental of the vehicle.
Our costs, including but not limited to reasonable legal fees, incurred in collecting payments due from the participant under this agreement.
The vehicles rented out will be given with a full tank of fuel and should be returned in the same state, with a full tank. Should we need to refuel the vehicle the participant will be charged for the refuelling in addition to an administrative fee.
Any fines, penalties, court costs or other expenses, imposed on us by law due to the misuse of the vehicle while rented by the participant. Unless these fees are have occurred due to our negligence, however this shall not relieve the participant or any other person involved of direct responsibility to any government authority due to his/her own unlawful conduct.
Our estimate of repair costs may include but are not limited to towing and loss of revenue caused by the amount of days applicable to the vehicle incurred tariff, if the vehicle incurs any damage within the agreement period. We in accordance with final repair costs and any other additional costs that may have arisen will adjust the estimated charge. This provision does not apply if the collision damage waiver is agreed to on the face of this agreement and the participant has failed to breach any terms of this agreement. A Police Accident Report must be provided for collision and other related cases.
Participant agrees to accept having his credit card account of the charged under this rental agreement. The signature of the participant shall constitute his/her authority to debit the given credit card all charges that occur from the hiring of the vehicle during the agreement period.
All payments for rental of a specific vehicle must be paid prior to the vehicle being supplied.
Responsibility for loss of or damage to vehicle
The participant will be liable for any damages caused to the vehicle or the loss of the vehicle, including but not limited to towing and storage and subject to any additional amount.
Upon the participants agreement with all terms and conditions of this binding agreement and collision damage waiver is shown as accepted on the face of the agreement, we will waive the participants responsibility in section 5 (i) above, subject to any excess agreed on. A Police Accident Report must be provided in all cases.

Indemnity to Luxury Plus Cars
The participant shall indemnify and hold harmless Luxury Plus cars, our employees and agents from any loss and against any liability and expenses that may arise directly or indirectly from:
– Any breach of the terms agreed upon by the participant and us.
-Death or injury to a third party from the operation or usage of the vehicle.
Loss of the vehicle or damage caused to the vehicle.
Loss of the vehicle or damage inflicted to any property suffered by us or by third parties arising from the operation or usage of the vehicle or for loss of or damage to the participants properties left in the vehicle, or for loss or inconvenience resulting from delivery delays, breakdown or any cause beyond our control.

Insurance Coverage
We provide insurance coverage for the authorized participants operating and driving the vehicle (and not otherwise). The policy is in conjunction with an automobile liability insurance policy in the UAE, which is available for inspection open written request.

Personal Accident Cover
By providing us with your initials and signature in the space provided on the front of this agreement, the participant is subject to agree to pay an additional fee per person, per day, as per the valid price listed by us. Hereby the participant acquires personal accident coverage shown as per valid price listed. Personal Accident Insurance includes medical as well as accidental death for the participant and passengers in the event of an accident during the rental period.

Accidents and Thefts
In the case of an accident (with or without damage to the vehicle) and in the case of any personal injuries, the police must be called to the scene of the event. It is the participants’ responsibility and obligation to insist on obtaining a police report.
In the event of vehicle theft or theft of vehicle parts, the participant is obligated to report this incident to the police and acquire a police. The police report acquired must be reported to us.
Participant is required to secure all information of the other parties involved as well as of any information provided by witnesses in order to complete an accident report.
Repairs to be carried out on the vehicle without the prior approval given by us are strictly prohibited.
The participant is obliged to assist us and / or the insurance company involved in all provided accurate and honest claims or legal affairs in the result of an accident or of any damage.
Any accident or loss or theft that has occurred to the vehicle must be reported to us and accompanied by a completed Police report.
Under no circumstances are claims by third parties, to be accepted by us.
The participant is held responsible for the case of a theft.
Should any violation by the participant of these regulations occur, especially if the participant has failed to provide a police report, even though the participant has accepted and paid CDW this does not meant that the participant is released from indemnities.

Personal data
The participant acknowledges that information released for the purpose of the rental agreement can be communicated to third parties. How ever sensitive personal sensitive information will not be released to any third party for especially credit card information for security purposes.

Collision Damage Waiver
By proving us with your signature and initials in the space provided on the front of the agreement, the participant agrees to the compulsory payment of a supplementary fee CDW, in accordance with the valid prices listed.
In the event on an involvement in accident by the participant and the participants agreement for the CDW the excesses to be stipulated in clause 9 iii shall be reduced by fifty percent. On the condition that a Police Report must be provided.
Should the collision damage waiver not be taken up, the participant will be charged an excess of 1,500 for group A, AED 5,000 for car groups B and  AED 10,000 (Aston Martin, Bentley, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce) irrespective of circumstances.
Otherwise in case of damages to the vehicle or loss or theft of the vehicle or parts of the vehicle, the participant is held liable in accordance with clause 5 of these standard terms and conditions of vehicle rental.
The collision damage waiver does not exempt the participant from being held liable in case of negligence of the rental conditions specified by us as well as legal regulations or insurance conditions.

This agreement is binding and is therefore governed by, construed, interpreted and in effect of the law of the United Arab Emirates that is applicable to the emirates where it is practiced.

Modifying Reservation
A vehicle reservation is to be updated or modified up to 48 hours before the start of the rental (on availability) to avoid extra charges. If any modification is to be done within the 48 hours leading to the rental start time, any prior payment made towards the rental will not be refunded. In addition to that the modification will be treated as a new reservation that is subject to new costs.

Cancellation Policy
A vehicle reservation can be cancelled up to 48 hours prior to the commencement of the rental period. The total amount (if paid) will be refunded without any cancellation fee if done ahead of the 48 hours prior to the commencement of the rental period. In the event of cancellation within 48 hours prior to the rental start time, the payment received in advance towards the rental vehicle shall be paid back subject to a cancellation charge, which will be withheld and shall be in the amount of the rental charge (including any extras and charges) for a maximum of 3 rental days. Cancellations can be made online or by contacting our office.
If the reserved vehicle is not collected or not collected in the agreed time (reserved time) the rental charge paid shall be withheld in full.

Security Deposit
The participant is obligated to deposit the amount listed below for security purposes during the rental period. The security deposit amount can be paid cash or using a Credit Card (in the form of Pre-Authorization). The amount will be returned in full to the customer post the rental period, on the condition that the company is not liable to pay traffic fines or for any accident associated issues caused by the customer. The refund process is referred to the policy of refund policy that of the Credit Card this may usually 21-30 days.

Security Deposit amounts

GROUP CAED 10,000 (Aston Martin, Bentley, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce)

Delivery & Collection
Luxury Plus Car Rental with holds the right to place additional charges for delivery and the collection of any vehicle.

The participant is inclined to provide us with the following documents for identification when reserving any vehicle:
-Passport Copy.
-Driving License.
-International Driving License. (for Non GCC)

Payment Policy
The following credit cards are accepted: credit cards from internationally recognized credit card companies – such as American Express, Diners, MasterCard and Visa. We do not accept any prepaid cards or debit cards (Visa Electron).
The authorized participants’ details and method of payment will be confirmed upon reservation of a rental car and therefore cannot be amended. The valid credit card should be presented upon the collection of the vehicle. All extra costs that occur during the Car Rental and Limousine Services will be charged to this credit card.
The participant must be the authorised cardholder and must be physically present at the time of delivery or pickup of the vehicle to sign an authorization letter for credit card usage. If the participant fails to be the authorised cardholder he/she must provide and authorisation letter signed by the authorised cardholder.
By placing a booking of a prepaid rate, the credit card will be charged prior to the commencement of the car rental for the total amount of days the car is to be rented. The amount that will be charged on your credit card comprises of the price of rental as well as all additional extra fees.
Online reservations become binding by confirming your prepaid booking through a mouse click. Charges are incurred for rebooking and cancellations online as well, if the vehicle is collected late or returned early, a refund will not be processed.
Luxury Plus Car Rental will confirm all vehicles booked upon request of their availability within 24 hours and payment will be processed automatically if available. If the car is unavailable on the specified dates the participant will be given the option to modify the reservation and will be given other available rental options. An advance charge approval is obtained for the chosen means of payment as to secure your chosen vehicle. The exact total of the deposit is determined upon collection since the amount is dependent on the vehicle.
The rental fee (plus any other charges agreed such as, e.g. exemptions from liability, delivery charges, airport charges etc.) as a matter of principle shall be paid in full by the participant for the agreed rental period, i.e. if the vehicle is late for collection or returned early there shall be no refund.

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