Endowed with a quad-cam V12, that sat transverse and behind the drivers, the Miura was delivered in several chassis numbers from the 1967 Lamborghini Miura P400 3087- sold for €425,600 and finished in the original Rosso Miura and Senape color combination- a one of only 474 P400s produced, to the 1967 Lamborghini Miura P400 SV Conversion 3066 – sold for $660,000 with the chassis number 3066 being a very special Lamborghini Miura indeed- was delivered in #41 Lime Green with black leather interior, the original factory colors it sports today and undergone exhaustive, meticulous transformation to SV configuration.

Others carried on deliveries with similar distinctions are the 1967 Lamborghini Miura P400 Berlinetta 3063 – sold for $216,000 whose listings quoted in Joe Sackey’s ‘The Lamborghini Miura Bible’, the 1967 Lamborghini Miura P400 3069 – sold for $374,000 which was delivered new as the superb Miura and undergone nut and bolt rotisserie restoration later in 2005 and benefited from additional horsepower and was capable of propelling the car to 60 mph in just 5.5 seconds, and finally the 1967 Lamborghini Miura P400 3096 – sold for $412,500 with production number 51, and fitted with engine number 1274 originally painted Verde (green), with black interior and in 2005 the Lamborghini underwent a complete restoration included preserving as many of the original components as possible and changing the exterior color to red and refinishing the interior in light brown. The P400 presented here, represents the Miura in its purest initial form as penned by Gandini, a rare early car with wooden steering wheel and gear knob.

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