The 1966 – 1974 Lamborghini Miura

Not to dominate the race-tracks but to master the road tracks, and not with mid-engine layouts but with perfect design and technology, a car to impress and create sensation. This is the Miura launched in 1966 taking the name of a Spanish ranch whose bulls have a proverbial attack instinct.

Then three prototypes have been created (one of which destroyed in a road accident) and the first production model of this Miura was delivered in December 1966 limited to only 30 units, but because of the huge demand reconsideration was to be taken since the Miura was and still is in the top three most beautiful cars in the world.

Miura featured a sensational design from retractable headlights surrounded by slatted black eyelashes, to flamboyant bodywork and unusual engine and clam-shell opening hoods on both the front and rear of the car.

Lamborghini built three different Miura series: P400, S, and the SV, each of them coming with aesthetically and mechanical changes.

Like the 350GT back in 1964, and the Miura back in 1966 when everyone was impressed and the cars turned out to be a huge success, Lamborghini revealed the Miura P400 Roadster in 1968, then being the only one Roadster produced and is currently a collectors’ car.

The first Miura models were known as the P400 (Posteriore 4 litri). Entering production in March of 1967 and between 1966 and 1969 Lamborghini delivered 275 units. They were powered by the same 4,0liter V12 engine used in the 400 GT. The engine was mounted transversely and produced 350 hp.

In relation to common engineering of that time every model car then produced looked outdated by comparison upon its release and the Miura is considered by many the greatest and most influential model and called by these the first true supercar.

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