The super-aggressive Lamborghini Ferruccio concept

In commemorating the 50th anniversary of the famous Italian sports car brand, Lamborghini, Mark Hostler of Staffordshire University in England has created this concept car. The super-aggressive Lamborghini Ferruccio futuristic concept takes its cues from the lineup of V12s the Italian supercar maker has produced over the years.

The Ferruccio’s steep front windshield, front end, bonnet, and super-wide rear end are made to mimic the Countach and the design language is said to reflect the Miura along with the front and rear wings, the sharp nose and mirrors, and aggressive air intakes across the body and roof.

The technological aspect comes in the form of efficient parts and pieces while motivation comes in the form of a more fuel-efficient 5.0-liter V12 complete with direct injection engineering technology, camless valve system and ‘several turbochargers ‘.
When it comes to brands that bring you the best in automotive experimentation, wild Lamborghini designs will deliver taking inspiration from the company’s lineage and innovative trademark flamboyant style redefining the idea of ‘stealth fighter’ design language.

Pushing on design is a never ending process enveloping roadster vehicles that by 2112, we may all be flying around as futuristic cars powered solely by energy-efficient and environmentally friendly electronic systems.

What do you think of such a concept vehicle enveloping all these characteristics?
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