Days from now, we’ll all be celebrating the 47th UAE National Day. It’s going to be a long weekend and as early as now, you need to plan your getaway already so that you will not be affected by the rush and busyness that the holidays entail!

You can go out of the country, out of town, or just stay in Dubai – whatever your plans are, what’s important is you spend it with your loved ones like your family or your friends. It’s the perfect time for you to relax and savor one of the last holidays that we will have this 2018. Plan it well, spend it well, and surely, you will have an unforgettable time.

If you just want to stay in the UAE for the long weekend and you want to go to places, you can lease cars from trusted car rental companies.

We, Rent Car Dubai, are your number choice in that matter – we are a trusted and prominent provider of luxurious and standard cars that you can rent for short or long term leasing.

And now, we suggest that you rent Mercedes G63 – it’s actually big and spacious enough if you are traveling in groups. Its engine is long-lasting and durable, a remark that Mercedes Benz is known for. Our G63 comes in various colors, just tell us which you prefer and we’ll do the documentation for you immediately so that you will be spared from the burden and hassles when renting a car.

We only want to give you the kind of car rental services that you deserve. We want things to be easy for you and we’ll never rest in striving to deliver high-quality services and most importantly, vehicles on your end.

When you decide to rent Mercedes G63 in Dubai, you will be able to go to different parts of UAE with so much style, class, and elegance, because of the fact that Mercedes Benz is the epitome of the three.

What’s more is that we, Rent Car Dubai, will make sure that you will travel safely by ensuring the car is in a good condition with qualified performance and also, we guarantee that we’ll do all the necessary procedures needed, in order to make things easier for you.

Moreover, if you want to rent a luxury car in Dubai, you know who to call – you can contact us, Rent Car Dubai, anytime and we’ll gladly give you what you need.

Angela is managing the rent car dubai website, she is also a car enthusiast who loves to check out the luxury cars here in Dubai.

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