Luxury Car Dubai puts your satisfaction as the highest priority of the business. We want you to have the best travelling experience while using our service. However, our business protocol also requires us to guarantee your safety while using our rent car Dubai. Please look forward our following tips to ensure your safety while travelling:


At your arrival
Even though you are travelling to a place you know very well, it does not mean that you should leave your carefulness. Be careful on everything you do wherever you go and at any time. Trust only people you know well and never leave your baggage and any of your belongings to people you do not know personally. In addition, in order to ensure your travel security, make sure that you have a local map in your pocket. A local map is essential if you are not familiar with your travelling spots.


Your vehicle
When travelling, some people only care about the travel. Safety is surely not their interest or the least priority they have. In fact, it is highly impossible to have a memorable travel without being safe, and an essential safe tip comes directly from your rented vehicle. Before travelling to places, you have planned try to make yourself familiar with your vehicle especially its safety equipment and what you should do when a threat comes. This includes how to use hazard lights, spare tire, windshield wipers, door locks, seat belts, and other available features. Be reactive to your surroundings so you can act accordingly when something happens, and the last thing is, you should always have enough petrol in your car.


Preventing the crime
As the best car rental company in Dubai that offers various car related to Dubai, we strongly recommend you to ignore any ‘advice’ from people you do not know. You should tell no one about your vehicle condition, especially when it comes from a motorist. The ‘advice’ is probably their way to come near to your vehicle. As a normal people, you would be curious about what particular problem your car is experiences, but when you open your car, they will have been there waiting for you. In this case, the best decision you have is not opening your car door, but contacting the nearest police station.

At stoplights, please remember to keep enough space between your car and another car in front of you. This is quite essential because you will have the ability to move quickly if something bad happens to you. Remember that you should have locked all your car doors and rolled up your car windows both while driving and parking your car. In any case, you have ‘entered’ their trap, and they ask for your valuables, it is crucial to follow their orders. Please do remember that your valuables have less value than your own life. Protecting your life and staying alive is your only priority. They may get away with your valuables, but you will have enough time to remember their face and other identities. Use this data as your supporting proof to the police and let them chase the bad guys.

Angela is managing the rent car dubai website, she is also a car enthusiast who loves to check out the luxury cars here in Dubai.